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Carl Fuehrer has become one of the most sought out Audio Recording Engineers and Music Producers in the North East. He began his dream career at age 15 as an assistant engineer in a small studio in a suburb of Rochester, New York. From there he also worked as a live sound engineer and musician in the regional music scene. He has worked in various commercial recording facilities across the east coast as staff and chief engineer positions on sessions for some very well known artists. He has been a freelance engineering and producing ever since while conducting audio workshops to educate studio interns and music enthusiasts. His engineering and production styles are deeply rooted in the old school techniques and sounds from the days of analog tape and large frame consoles while utilizing today's computer based production technologies.

Carl is also a musician playing guitar, keyboards and singing. His preferred styles of music are classic and progressive rock, smooth jazz, new age and ambient. He is also the founder of Paisley Electronics that createed effect pedals, live and studio tools and custom guitar/bass rig controller systems, along with musical electronics repair. 2012 he added a line of custom guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, effects pedals and studio tools for musicians to the Pulsar Audio Lab brand name.

He has now dedicated himself to providing his professional skills and modern recording equipment to regional artist in the Western New York area with Pulsar Audio Lab along side his business partner, student and friend Erik Wheater.

Some of his personal client list includes: All, Renee Anderson, Chris Andrews, Arc, Don Armstrong, Audio Killa Sound, Bad Religion, Banbury Cross, Blunt, The Bob Prong Adventure, Paul Boutte, Tommy Bowlin, Breelyn, Carvel Studios, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Church Boy Productions, Crystal T, Communication Breakdown, Masakela Cooper, Jeff Cosco, Torie Croog, Dajhelon Recording Studios, Deftones, Tom Dowd, D.T.A., East End Studios, East High School, Eleventh Hour, Empty Grave, Force Entertainment, The Gary Sanders Band, Tony Glassman Productions, Gravity Kills, Gwar, Haze, Kristofer Harris, Adam Holmes, Rev. Horton Heat, Rob Iadanza, Freddy Johnson, Eddie Kramer, Last Call, Annette Leon, Le Chateau Bow Wow Recording, Limp Bizkit, Pete "P-Bangga" Lincoln, Garhart Joust, Bill McConnell, Norman "Proper" McKenzie, Mainstream, Don Mancuso, Mekanzm, The Misfits, Most Wanted, Phil Naro, Newcastle Record Company, Newcastle Entertainment Group, Nine Inch Nails, Jake O'Bryan, Oh Cassandra, Orpheus, Paradigm, Peter Paul and Mary, Phantom Grey, Pillar, Ross Psuty, P.T.R. Recording, Phil Ramone, Record Breaker Productions, Red White and Green Production, Rejoice, Rochester City School District, Steve Rosenberg, C.J. Scioscia, Septure, Solex, The Specials, Bobby "Blackwolf" Spencer, Swinin Utter's, TBR Studio, Threshold, Train Of Thought, Two Front Teeth, Universal Buzz Radio, Unlimited, Upstate Farms, Urbonix Communications, WDCZ 102.7 FM, WDKX 104 FM, Bently Webb, and Wilson Magnet High School.

Here are a few samples of mixes Carl has done:

Steve Rosenberg, Don Mancuso, Robert Spencer, Phil Naro:
Lexington Avenue

Eleventh Hour:
All The World

Bill McConnell:

Annette Leon:
Cry Me A River



Photograph by: Joel Paige

carl and peach
Photograph by: Joel Paige

Carl in the Studio

At home in Pulsar Audio Lab


Working at Carvel Studio in Monroe, NY


Working with Vanessa Carlton


Working at Platinum Studios, FL


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